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The contemplation of the tree

The contemplation of the tree

The contemplation of the tree

Choose your favorite tree
Sit in front of it
Contemplate it

The school of the tree

Its origins
Its seed
Its growth
Its flowers
Its fruits
Its dead

The heat of the day
The rain, the Wind
The climate

An exercise to be done
Until the meeting is fulfilled

The soul and spirit
Of the tree
A bliss

You can not force
You can not trick
Your understanding

Listen to what the tree
Is telling
And awake

Dedicated to the Banya Mulenga

African flamboyant trees
African flamboyant trees

5 thoughts on “The contemplation of the tree”

  1. Thank you for the poem. I’m not much of a poetry guy so I didn’t get it. I do love nature and the preservation of nature and her beauty. I love getting away from the crowd and connecting especially in the morning. 

    I like to sit in the quiet and realize that it was something special that created all of this beauty that is around us. Thank you for you poem.

  2. Very enjoyable read. Your poetry speaks depth and sparks a torch in the soul for the love of a tree. Watching and being watched does create awareness. We used to have two trees in our front yard. Now we have one. As much as I disliked all the leaves and branches that fell into my yard each year, now that the one tree is gone, I miss it. I guess it is true, you do not know what you are missing until it is gone.

    Many blessings!

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