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Help 43 help for trees

Thinkers of the world

Help 43

A call for help
Help for TREE

Help for trees.

Our planet is on fire.
All over the earth
energy is used to cool off

Temperatures are rising
Trees and earth suffocate

Without trees
No humus
No fresh air
No shade

Let us act where we are
And plant tress
Not waiting for others

Thank you

Kindly like, share and comment

The soul of trees

Some books

The hidden life of trees

Guide to the biology and structure of trees

Trees and forests in danger all over the planet

The Tongas National Forest

The lungs of our World

More references

How do you help nature to save the trees?

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7 thoughts on “Help 43 help for trees”

  1. Hi Fleeky. Extremely interesting site. It certainly catches the imagination. As a young boy my favourite past time was exploring the bush (forest) that surrounded our property.. I would always take a roll of wide tape with me and I’d ‘bandage’ any broken saplings. Science had now learned that these wonderful forests are connected with an underground communication system. Yes, we need to save them. For their sakes and ours. Jim

    1. Yes… Jim
      We did the same
      Hanging around with trees
      And now, this most dear and silent friend is chopped for no or evil reasons.
      There was a time in our culture that trees were sacred
      The ancients knew why

      Let us create awareness… if We all start reacting
      We will all get better

      Menkind is sick
      And so is earth

  2. This resonates with if the last tree dies, mankind is dead!.
    Keep it up. I may wish to put in articles on this site to help43. Great start friend. Regards.

    1. Hi Kwamina!

      Thank you for leaving a message

      I visited your site
      Can i add your site as reference too?

      Do you want me to add you as author on this site?
      Let me know

      Take care of your tree
      It is a sacred one


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Sos Help trees

Sos Help trees

Sos help trees Plant, grow and protect them!

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