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The story of Sedna from Inuit mythology and the COP28 parable

The story of Sedna from Inuit mythology and the COP28 parable

The story of Sedna from Inuit mythology and the COP28 parable

An obscure myth that mirrors modern themes!

One particularly intriguing myth that resonates with modern themes, though lesser-known, is the story of Sedna from Inuit mythology. Sedna is a sea goddess and a pivotal figure in Inuit spirituality, embodying themes of environmental respect, the consequences of human actions, and resilience in the face of adversity – themes that are increasingly relevant in our contemporary world.

The myth of Sedna varies across different Inuit communities, but a common version narrates the story of a young woman who, through a series of tragic events, becomes the goddess of the sea. According to this version, Sedna’s father tries to marry her off, but she refuses every suitor. In some accounts, she ends up marrying a mysterious being, who is later revealed to be a bird spirit in disguise. When her father comes to rescue her from this deceptive union, they escape by boat, but are pursued by the bird spirit and its allies.

In the ensuing turmoil, Sedna’s father throws her overboard to appease the angry spirits. As Sedna clings to the boat, her father chops off her fingers, which transform into the first seals and walruses, while Sedna sinks to the ocean’s depths. There, she becomes the goddess who controls the sea creatures, vital for the Inuit’s survival.

This myth reflects several modern themes

  • Environmental Stewardship: Sedna is seen as a protector of the sea and its creatures. Her story emphasizes the importance of respecting and maintaining balance in the natural world, a theme that echoes in today’s discussions on environmental conservation and sustainable living.
  • Consequences of Actions: Sedna’s transformation is a direct result of her father’s actions, highlighting the notion that our actions have consequences, often far-reaching and unforeseen.
  • Resilience and Transformation: Despite her suffering and abandonment, Sedna becomes a powerful deity. This mirrors the modern narrative of overcoming adversity and finding strength in difficult circumstances.
  • Complex Relationships and Autonomy: Sedna’s story involves complex familial and marital relationships, reflecting themes of autonomy, consent, and the consequences of coercive relationships.

Sedna’s myth, while ancient, speaks to contemporary issues, showing how myths, though rooted in the past, continue to have relevance and offer wisdom in modern times.

The story of Sedna from Inuit mythology and the COP28 parable
The story of Sedna from Inuit mythology and the COP28 parable

Rewriting the myth of Sedna in the context of COP28, an international climate change conference, would involve emphasizing themes of global cooperation, environmental sustainability, and urgent action against climate change. Here’s a modern interpretation:

Sedna’s Awakening, the COP28 Parable

Setting: The year is 2023, at the height of global climate change awareness. Nations around the world are gathering for COP28, aiming to tackle the pressing issues of environmental degradation and climate crisis.


  • Sedna Reimagined: Sedna is no longer just a mythical figure but a symbol of the Earth’s oceans, bearing the brunt of human negligence and environmental abuse. Her story begins in a world where the sea is teeming with life, but gradually, the actions of humanity start to take their toll.
  • The Descent: Sedna’s transformation is triggered not by her father but by the collective actions of humanity. The oceans become polluted, marine life dwindles, and the balance of the ecosystem is disrupted. As the oceans suffer, so does Sedna, who becomes a symbol of the declining health of our planet.
  • The Cry for Help: Sedna’s plight reaches its zenith during COP28. Delegates at the conference are presented with a vivid, symbolic dream or vision of Sedna’s story, showcasing the dire state of the oceans and the urgent need for collective action.
  • The Response: Moved by Sedna’s story, world leaders at COP28 unite to address the crisis. They formulate a global action plan focusing on reducing carbon emissions, protecting marine life, and cleaning the oceans. Sedna’s fingers, once severed, now represent various aspects of marine conservation efforts – from coral reef restoration to sustainable fishing practices.
  • The Transformation: As the nations implement these measures, the health of the oceans begins to improve. Sedna’s transformation symbolizes the rejuvenation of the seas. Her resurgence is a sign of hope and renewal, representing the planet’s ability to heal when humanity acts responsibly.
  • The Ongoing Journey: The story ends not with a definitive conclusion but with a call to action. Sedna’s revival is contingent on continued efforts and vigilance, reminding the audience that the fight against climate change is ongoing.


  • Environmental Responsibility: The myth underscores the responsibility humans have towards the Earth, particularly the oceans.
  • Global Cooperation: It highlights the importance of international collaboration in addressing environmental issues.
  • Urgency and Action: The story conveys the urgency of taking immediate action to combat climate change.
  • Hope and Renewal: Sedna’s revival offers a message of hope, suggesting that it’s not too late to reverse environmental damage.

Conclusion: This modern version of Sedna’s story serves as both a cautionary tale and a beacon of hope, emphasizing that collective, concerted action can lead to significant environmental recovery and sustainability, a crucial message for audiences at COP28 and beyond.

It’s fascinating how ancient stories can be reimagined to reflect and address contemporary issues, especially as powerful as climate change and environmental conservation. 

I hope you enjoyed the modern interpretation of Sedna’s myth in the context of COP28. 

Source OpenAI’s chatGPT Language Models, Dalle, AI trot and Fleeky
images Picsart and MIB

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