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The Christmas tree

The Christmas tree

The Christmas tree

the christmas tree

Known by many
Depicted by many more

A tree
Amongst others

And yet
So special

A symbol of life
A symbol of light

An evergreen conifer
Sprice, pine or fir decorated

Tree of life
Fruit of knowledge

I have a forest
In my garden

So many christmasses
So many trees

And some times
Just none

For the sake of silence


O Tannenbaum

The christmas tree. Over the years by planting them, you will grow a forest!
This Snow Covered Christmas Tree stands out brightly in the forest.

Merry Christmas!

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14 thoughts on “The Christmas tree”

  1. Hi! I like to write poems too. And I found inspiration reading this lovely poem here.

    I was also looking for a Christmas tree and I really liked one of the ones you included in this post. It’s so convenient shopping online that I hardly went to my local store this Christmas. Thanks for making life easier.

  2. I was in the search for a new christmas tree and found this site.  It gave me some options for finding a tree on Amazon which I never would have thought to go and look on.  Have some great photos of winter which I love also.  Would you by chance recommend a tree to people to purchase or just go check them out on Amazon?  Thank you


    1. Hi Douglas, the same question was part of a series on television and global impact on climate. 
      Two options: a living tree  (cheaper) or an artificial one (more expensive) . 
      The artificial tree is a better solution if you keep it for at least 10 years.  
      And if you replant the living pine it is the best option

      Thank you for asking
      Blessed season

  3. I strongly believe that trees are one of our main focuses of life. Without them we wouldn’t be here, wouldn’t we? 

    Personally, I don’t celebrate Christmas for various reasons and growing up I never had an actual Christmas tree in our house. There’s a question that I always thought, but I never bother asking anyone, nor looking it up; where does the Christmas tree goes after Christmas is done? 

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      In old Europe the tree was symbol of life and venerated. Like in many other cultures and countries.
      The ever green pine became soon a symbol of life. According to tradition, Christ was crucified on a cross made of pine. A common wood that resisted because of its resins. And the tree was decorated to honor His passion.

      And yes, without trees, no life. They provide us with oxygen, shade, humus and so much. In my city they will plant as many trees as there are citizens… great initiative.

      As for the pine. They are cultivated in the north of my country with that purpose. Since it is the biggest event of the year. Many do replant their pines. Others dump them as garbage where they are sliced and used for agricultural purpose or as fire wood. There was a time they were burnt, but this is no longer allowed.

      A scientific study has revealed that a living tree remains a better climate option, unless the artificial tree is used  for 10 years…. 

      Have a blessed time and happy 2020

  4. Yes, I do believe I read somewhere that the evergreen tree is a symbol of life.

    I was wondering how they put lights on that tree covered with snow in the forest.

    Do you think that people always put trees in their houses and decorated them to celebrate Christmas?

    Or might this be a fairly new , or recent thing?

    1. Hi Phil,

      Stephanie just asked the same,question! 

      it is an old tradition in Europe that goes back in far antiquity where the tree was venerated and respected as symbol of life. Whit the christening of our continent, the tree was decorated in honor of Our Savior, since pine was used by the romans for the wood of the cross. It is later, in the 12th century that saint Franciscus added the manger, that became most popular as symbol of family life. 

      So, a young living tree is decorated and replanted every year. For those Ho can not do that, an artificial tree is used. Unfortunately many use artificial trees instead, which are bad for climate. We have an ongoing action to use living trees and replant them. 

      Have an awesome time and a blessed 2020!

  5. Your poetry was outstanding in it’s content of depicting the majesty of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

    The video was excellent using a well-known Contemporary Christian music band, For King and Country. They are one of the most popular groups here in the United States. I liked you using written lyrics along with the video as I sometimes had a hard time understanding their voices at times. Excellent post. Would love to read more.

  6. Some beautiful words, for sure. You’ll be pleased to know that I’m coming to you through the Ecosia search engine, so in my own little way I am helping to plant trees. I also have plenty in my garden but would definitely like more.

    The music video could well have been hand-picked by me, as it is a version of one of my favourite Christmas hymns. I will also be looking up ‘For King & Country’ as I have never heard of them before but they are right up my street, so to speak.

    At this time of year, when the tree is the centre-piece of all the decorations we have in our home, it is good to be reminded of their huge importance. To coin a phrase.  ‘A tree is for life, not just for Christmas’  

    1. Hi Romero,

      A tree is for life indeed…
      A reminder of heaven since it points towards the sky, well grounded as well!
      In old customs the pines were replanted and they used a specific species. In cities they were burnt.
      Artificial trees are the new plague, invading dumps and minds. Mist of the time bad replica of the originals. 
      Recent study revealed that unless artificial trees are used for more than 10 years, they are a burden for climate and environment. 

      Thank you for sharing your insight
      Have a wonderful time!

  7. Hi,thanks for this powerful site.This remind us the value of tree, the symbol of life. In my opinion the Christmas tree symbolises the act of giving and family spirit around the world as its something found nearly everywhere.Where i’m from trees are source of medication and also influence the climate.

    1. Yes, the tree is the symbol of life since ancient tiles. We have to love and nurture them. …
      They are the rainmakers also in old tales… 

      And for christians, the pine is the symbol of the cross. Decorating it, celebrates His Resurrection indeed. The romans used pine wood for the cross, hence…

      Have a blessed family time! And thank you for your kind comment.

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