Take care of your pine!

Take care of your pine

The pine tree is a tough one!
The fir needles are like leaves
And their shape makes them resistant
To both heat and cold.

When a pine tree looses its needles
It is a kind of selfdefence
A way to protect from drying

Keep the needles under the tree
They cover the soil
And prevent further dehydration

Dependig of the level of ground water
You may need to water your pine
the foot of the trunk

It needs 1 liter of water a day
For a diameter of 2,5 cm
This applies to your christmas tree too
Even if it is just a trunk…

I buy one with roots
Water it
And plant it

Over the years,
I have grown a forest…

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Seek to serve humanity in preserving nature. Do not pee the tree

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