A tree in the forest

Tree in the forest

A tree in the forest

The tree in many cultures
is a place of gathering
a sacred, shaded placer

A place where people share goods and words
Questions, answers, statements, thoughts, ideas
Verse and Controverse

Where some agree and others disagree
Where people share
Point of view and viewpoints

A place where words become sacred
And sacred their expressions
a place of bargain and barter

And amongst the forest
The sacred trees of all countries
And their delightful fruits

Spiced with the emotions of our human conditions
Colored with fate, faith, cult, culture, traditions, language, …
Multi verses and universe

And beyond the physical reality of the tree
The psychical and spiritual realm of so many
All around the globe

All those who have come
To gather and to share
Enlightments and doubt

wisdom, insights, experience

In a spirit of belonging
To the same heavens and earth
In respect of each expressions

A tree in the forest

Let us keep up with the good word…

Spring in the forest
Spring in the forest

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