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A poem for the mango tree

A poem for the mango tree in the style of Rumi

In the style of Rumi

Oh mango tree, how sweet thy fruit,
Thy branches reach for skies above,
With every blossom, every shoot,
Thou teachest us the art of love.

Thou standest tall, with strength and grace,
A symbol of resilience and might,
Thy leaves dance in the breeze’s embrace,
And fill our hearts with pure delight.

In thee, we find a sacred space,
Where heaven and earth are intertwined,
And in thy shade, we seek thy grace,
To soothe our souls and ease our mind.

Oh mango tree, how great thy worth,
A treasure of the earth divine,
Thy fruit, a gift of mother earth,
A blessing that we shall ever find.

So let us honor thee this day,
And celebrate thy beauty bright,
With every breath, with every sway,
Thou art a living, loving light.

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A poem for the mango tree in the style of Rumi
A poem for the mango tree in the style of Rumi

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Source OpenAI’s chatGPT-3 Language Model, AI trot and Fleeky
images Picsart and MIB

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Seek to serve humanity in preserving nature. Do not cut or pee the tree

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