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Self-reliant living

Self-reliant living

Self-reliant living

Long ago
with independance movements
self-reliance was the keyword

After decades of globalisation
Desasters shown in local economies
Environment, employment, nature and ecosystems

Time for change
Time for quality
Time for better

The Journey to Self-Reliant Living
Starts at home, in your own garden
with your own choices

Grow and Prepare your own food
Conserve and save energy
Stitch your own surgical mask

Shop local
Avoid waste
Recycle your bin

Save money
Walk or bike
Refuse junk

Get rid of addiction
Learn new skills
Invest in your future

The list is long
and it would be great
To hear your voice in this!

Back to nature
Back to home
Protect your own

Some great BOOKS to kickstart your journey

5 tips for beginner foragers

How to choose the right Breed for your Poultry Flock? 

Garden Plannig: 48 of the most promising veggies

The man who planted trees 

Trees for gardens, orchards and permaculture

Self-reliant living
Be Independent

What do you rely on in your life?

Invest in your futureTake time to learn

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10 thoughts on “Self-reliant living”

  1. Hey nice article you have there. Your thoughts about self reliance is impressive and invaluable. I totally agree with you on learning a new skills to become self sufficient. Having a degree is not a guarantee of a greener pastures, the ability to learn other skills to prepare your self for entrepreneurship in case of job scarcity is highly recommendable. With learnt skill you can become a boss of your own and even be an employer of labour.

  2. Hello there, thank you for this very brilliant and inspiring post on self reliant living, as globalization increased everyday the news also for self reliant living also increases everything day as there are various opportunities now in this present age that one can benefit from especially on the Internet that could really make one skillful in any particular field of choice thereby making him self reliant.

  3. Self-reliance is the ability to do things and make decisions by yourself, without needing other people to help you. People learned self-reliance because they had to do it..With self reliance You can solve problems and make decisions for yourself. You feel happy by yourself, in yourself, and about yourself—without needing to rely on others. You develop self-acceptance. It encourages you to practice self-compassion and self-knowledge.

    1. Yes… so true.

      In danger or need… we can only rely on our self… and be happy if we have friends or family. 
      Nowadays many people refuse to grow up and keep a very childish attitude, making them useless self centered, which is far from self-reliant

  4. There is definitely a need for greater self-reliance these days.  And we were working up to it, even before all the Covid-19 virus infections, deaths, and restrictions on our livelihoods. A very creative presentation on this page too, and scanning the site, i see how you are using the writing format in each article or post.  Great way to grab people’s attention.The list is indeed long, as you mentioned…Grow and Prepare your own food Conserve and save energy Stitch your own surgical mask Shop localAvoid wasteRecycle your bin Save money Walk or bike Refuse junk Get rid of addiction Learn new skills(although i must admit i do now know how to “Recycle my bin”… lol).Having grown up in a farming community, and spent summers on my grandparents farm, this piece rings true to me.  I understand that city inhabitants might not like it, but I do.  Thanks for the refresh on summer memories.  Time for me to plant some new trees I think.Cheers,DA

    1. Hi Dale

      Time to plant some trees.. To re-invent a better future.

      Our planet is sick, very sick 

      Dying species
      Lack of clear water 
      Polluted air 
      Untaxed air traffic 
      Private initiatives like space shuttles uncontrolled 
      Big corporations poisonning the earth

      … the list is long

      And the lack of moral excellence becomes a deadly plague

      Many however start to react on their own level.
      Our city has ordered to plant one tree for each inhabitant…
      many roofs become green roofs with bee cultures and heat resistant species… 
      Lots of individual initiatives are take  to become less dependent from an international society that does not father but exploit us

      Yes, changes imposes 
      And new choices

      Thank you!

  5. How can one find the necessary resources needed to fund a simple lifestyle? I am sure that to life this type of lifestyle that you must first invest a significant amount of money in order to be able to live this way. Where do you get the information needed to live a simple lifestyle? Is this information readily available? Do you need any special training to get started? If you are growing your own vegetables, how can you tell the difference between what was planted and a weed? How will you know when to harvest? Does location make a difference as to when it is harvest time? Will your crops be more abundant  in a warmer zone or a colder zone? What is the right amount of rainfall for your crops? Does the part of the country help determine what type of crop that should be planted?What are some of the best things to recycle? Can most items used today be repurposed for another use? For example, could you use the sprocket of a bicycle be used as part of an irrigation system? How would you make that happen?Are there books or magazines available that show how to recycle or repurpose different things?Do you need to make a plan? Do you need to set a timetable? What kind of results should you expect?

    1. We lost the basics and the lockdown forces us into new ventures.
      Our capacity to deal with new problems is the backbone of our life

      As long as we do not sit down amongst the complainers, waiting for others to solve our problems. 
      And hoping for those unable, to find solidarity in their need

      In many countries waste is severely sorted: organic waste, plastic waste, paper waste, metal waste, poisons, old clothes… compost belt. And many of the waste is recycled as well. Even water. 

      Many people are still throwing their waste around… it starts there. Attitude


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