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Solutions WorldWide

Awareness is growing
Something serious is happening

To our climate
To our planet

Can we do something
Yes, we can

Care for trees
Plant and grow them

They are the essence of our environment

Do not wait for others
To shift your habits

Time is now

Become conscious
In your consuming patterns

And if you have a link
Or solution

Just post and share

The power of trees

The orange tree and the orange. A remedy for cancer.

Moringa, the miracle tree that could stop malnutrition at lesser costs and heal diabetes in a natural way

Trees as climate change solutions

Environment friendly choices

It starts with your cup of coffee

Other sites

The wisdom of those
who know what they do in their garden
and why and how.

Great teachings for your garden

Quality wood products. Do no just chop the tree!

Cloth diapers. Much better and cheaper

The perfect vegetable garden : cheap and healthy

Resilience A critical view on politics.

What are YOUR choices?

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