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Planting and flowering seasons

Planting and flowering seasons for grasses, wildflowers, shrubs and trees

Planting and flowering seasons

The planting and flowering seasons of plants vary depending on the specific species, but here is some general information about planting and flowering times for common meadow plants that could be associated with the Maniola butterfly

  • Grasses: Grasses typically begin to grow in the early spring, with peak growth and flowering occurring in the summer months. Depending on the species, grasses may continue to grow and flower through the fall.
  • Wildflowers: Wildflowers can have a wide range of flowering times, with some species blooming in the early spring and others blooming in the late summer or fall. Some common wildflowers that meadow browns feed on include thistles, dandelions, clovers, and oxeye daisies.
  • Shrubs: Shrubs typically flower in the spring or early summer, with some species blooming again in the fall.
  • Trees: Trees can also have a wide range of flowering times, depending on the species. Some species, such as birch, may begin to flower in the early spring, while others, such as oak, may not flower until the late spring or summer.
In terms of planting, it's best to research the specific needs and planting times for the species you want to grow. Many meadow plants can be sown directly in the ground in the spring, while others may need to be started indoors or sown in the fall. By choosing a variety of plants that bloom throughout the growing season, you can help ensure a continuous food source for meadow browns and other pollinators.

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