World animal day

World animal day

A day to reflect
Upon our friends
The animals

How do we treat them?

They see us as fosters
And care givers

How do we betray them?

They depend of environment
And eco systems

How do we poison them?

They used to walk free
Now they are enslaved

Say no to the industrialisation
Of agriculture and stock-breading

Help and sustain small farming
Grow and protect trees

If we start doing that
At our levels
It means a big change

Do you have a pet ID?

For the love of a penguin

A beautiful video about the friendship between a penguin and the man who saved his life.

What is your favorite pet?

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Seek to serve humanity in preserving nature. Do not pee the tree

2 Thoughts to “World animal day”

  1. Sharlee

    Hi Fleeky

    I love animals very dearly and are so saddened to see how they are pushed out of their environment, just so that we can live there, while they were there first. I don’t say we shouldn’t live and expand, but I do think we can get solutions that would benefit both humans and animals, not only us humans.

    Thank you for caring and for spreading the word, Fleeky – you are special!


    1. Sos

      Thank you Sharlee, your visit means a lot to me.

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