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Soul of trees

Help43 - save the trees

Soul of trees

Autumn leaves
Falling down

Coloring both
The earth and the sky

When winter comes
Their stem and branches

stretch out
Like human arms and hands

In springtime
The flashy greens

Are framed
By a palette of flowers

And summertime?

A time of rest
Under its shades
And smiles

Do you hear them whisper?

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2 thoughts on “Soul of trees”

  1. Hi Fleeky,

    Oh, how I love trees, the older the better!

    And, your poem speaks volumes.

    Trees are one of nature’s way to help people in more ways than we could imagine.

    The oxygen they produce through photosynthesis is vital to humanity’s existence.

    We need to preserve them, indeed.



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Fleeky One

Fleeky One

Seek to serve humanity in preserving nature. Do not cut or pee the tree

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