Plant and grow a tree

Plant and grow a tree

Our first experience with care for trees might be a very embarrassing one.
Mistakes, ignorance, maltreatment and wrong practices are legion.
It takes time to become an expert.

What exactly is needed to plant and grow a tree ?

When we plant and grow a tree two major factors are imperative:

The right spot

Nothing is more important than to find the right place. The orientation and composition of the soil are key in finding that spot. Also, the place where you plant your tree matters when it comes to borders, maintenance and proximity with houses, fences and roads.

The right tree

Not every tree is happy with a poor or rich soil. You better seek which tree is adapted to your soil. And once you find matching trees, your choice will depend on utility like shade, fruits, fragrance, leaves, colors… there are so many beautiful trees out there. Make sure to take advice before planting your treasure since planting is an art too…

Once your choice is made and you have decided about your tree. You will need to plant and grow it.

How to plant a tree

Once we know what plant is needed and where, we will have to focus on two points

The season

Right. You do not plant in the midst of heat or cold do you? Every plant has its own season and tides. Better inform what suites best for your tree and to listen to old wisdom. An old saying advises to plant with the waxing moon… and to prune and trim with waning moon.

Just observe nature and learn from it. Work with the laws of nature, not against it. And you will grow well…

The preparation of the planting

Planting is very important. And that needs some study and counsel too. The depth of the hole. Its width. Are you going to water the hole, or add extra ground… plant other shrubs or grounding plants? Better ask advice since every tree is different.

How to grow a tree?

To grow a tree, especially in the beginning, you will have to trim or prune it in time, give it enough water and provide some extra humus.

Again, all depends on your tree, since trees need different approaches.

Best is to grow local species and to focus on the long term. Growing a tree is not instant. You will enjoy its shade when old.

So. Think twice before chopping an old tree or bush.
It took many years and efforts to grow..

Better seek how to protect and preserve it.
It is your lung…

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