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Linda sacred tree of the Celts

Sos trees

Linda sacred tree of the Celts

The Oera Linda
A manuscript written
In old Frisian

A maiden name
Linda, the linden tree
The magnificient

Old healing flower
Against flew
And cold

A calming infusion
An exquisite fragrance
A Beauty

Linda, sacred tree of the celts, once the pride of european tribes and populations for its healing powers, herbal tea and fragrance. Sos trees indeed!
single big linden tree at spring in Bavaria, Germany

The Linden  tree

The Linden tree
Sacred tree
Of the Druïds

Symbol of love
Family, nation
Female grace

The history
Of the old land
The Old Beauty

A story unbelievable
And thought
To be a fraud

And yet
Relating facts
Only proved recently


Old truths
Of old ages
Long forgotten

The Old Beauty
The Old Land
Alta Landis


And if it was not a fake
But thruth?
History would have to be rewritten …


For the history of the Oera Linda manuscript

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