How trees fight climate change

How trees fight climate change

Trees soak CO2
As they grow
And release CO2
As they burn

The equation
looks simple
But reality
Is more complicated

It is not simply
About trees
It is also
About natural habitat

The forest so to speak

Natural habitat
Is destroyed
All over the planet
What for?

Deforestation takes place
All over the planet
And is the biggest cause
Of climate change

Restore the forest
Respect the natural habitat

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Image: The bluebells of Hallerbos

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Sos help trees Plant, grow and protect them!

6 Thoughts to “How trees fight climate change”

  1. Adamu2

    I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me.Good poem about trees. Trees are precious, it’s a beautiful feeling having them around. Growing them around produce fresh hair and they also fight climate change over the plants around them. Thanks for the review 

    1. Fleeky

      Thank you!

      Yes let us care for trees and grow them everywhere!

      Good day


  2. Rasyied

    Good post with some unique articles. but I need more info from each of it. Thanks.

    1. You are right
      We need to dig further

      As a poet, I try to evoke the essence
      Not an explanation
      And I hope my poems help people to do more

      Thank you for telling me. Much appreciated.

  3. Matt's Mom

    So very true and so very sad.  I love the picture, and you (the poem) is right, deforestation is the biggest factor I think.  That and forest fires.  But I have lived in an area where we had a lot of forest fires, and the trees and the plants seem to come back in abundance.  Not the same with deforestation, not at all.

    1. Fleeky

      Yes, revival and awareness are growing all over the planet. Trees are precious. And we better plant the trees we did not plant yesterday. All on our scale.

      Thank you for sharing !

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