Birch tree – the colorfast bark

Birch Tree , the colorfast bark

The white tree

Covering the major plains
Of Central Europe
And Northern Asia

The downy birch
The silver birch
The dwarf birch
The moor birch
The mountain birch

Birch tree – the colorfast bark. The beauty of its endless forests in Eastern Europe reflecting light and lightness.
The trunks of birch trees in late autumn.

So many species
And growing on cleared lands

The bark, stripped from the tree
And its wood
Well known by manufacturers
All over the world

The inner bark
Can be eaten
And the rising sap of spring
Is used in herbal medecine

And yet in spring
Its pollen
Can provoke hay fever

Its beautiful little leaves
Trilling in the wind
Messengers of better weather

A great fabric!

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Sos help trees Plant, grow and protect them!

6 Thoughts to “Birch tree – the colorfast bark”

  1. Chuck

    Hi, thanks! I like this article and your website. I agree that we have to plant trees and care for them! Its like they cut down trees for practically no reason these days. Your poems help me a lot to appreciate trees. I wish I could stop them from cutting down trees. 

    I hope more people find your website, and we can protect the environment!

    1. Sos

      Hi Chuck! Trees are our best friends…they need our care and appreciation… may the seeds of this webside become big trees all ober the world indeed. Let us care for trees and protect them. ithout them, our planet will turn into a desert…

  2. Henderson

    Wow, first nice poem you have written here. Its is really straight and I feel you might have used a stylistic element to write this one. I didn’t know about the birch tree and how beautiful it is. You have educated me today and I will find out more about it. It seems to have si many uses from being beneficial to us to even manufacturers who also get it for processing. Awesome post.

    1. Sos

      Wow indeed! It is a fast growing tree with great impact on environment. It does not need much water… nor fertilizers. And most of all it grows on poor soils, making them richer, so,other species can grow. It is a winderful tree indeed and its tiny leaves are great for humus. Fast decomposition!  Thank you for liking my poems!

  3. Carol5162

    That bark is actually very beautiful. A rare color for tree barks I must say! I am even not surprised that the inner bark can be eaten. Sounds sweet, no wonder it is also used to make herbal medicine. I believe they also make great furniture pieces.

     I love advocacy for trees. Thank you for presenting us with the facts about the Birch Tree. 

    This is such an interesting and nice peace.Thank you for taking your time.

    1. Sos

      Yes, bark is a wonderful tree.. with soft leaves . Great for humus also. It is a tree that grows on poor grounds and that makes them healthier and richer so that other species can grow. Thank you Carol!

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