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Trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubs. Examples that go well together. Ideal soil types

Trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubs are important components of the world’s ecosystems and provide numerous benefits to the environment and human beings. Trees are woody plants with a single stem or trunk that grows taller than 15 feet, while shrubs are shorter, multi-stemmed woody plants.

Trees and shrubs play a critical role in the carbon cycle, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it in their tissues. They also produce oxygen through photosynthesis, which is essential for human and animal life.

Trees and shrubs provide habitat for a wide range of wildlife, including birds, mammals, and insects. They offer food and shelter, as well as nesting sites for many species. In addition, trees and shrubs help prevent soil erosion, improve soil quality, and regulate water cycles.

Trees and shrubs are also important for human beings. They provide shade, reducing the amount of energy needed for air conditioning in the summer. They also help reduce noise pollution, as their leaves and branches absorb sound waves. Trees and shrubs are often used in landscaping to create attractive outdoor spaces, and they can increase property values.

In addition, trees and shrubs are used for their wood, which is used in construction, furniture making, and paper production. Some trees and shrubs are also grown for their fruits, nuts, or other edible parts, such as apples, almonds, and olives.

However, trees and shrubs can also have negative impacts on the environment and human beings. Invasive species can crowd out native plants, leading to a loss of biodiversity. Trees can also fall and cause damage to property and people during severe weather events.

Trees and shrubs are a critical part of the world's ecosystems, providing numerous benefits to the environment and human beings. It is important to manage them responsibly to ensure their continued health and longevity.

Examples of trees and shrubs 


  • Oak trees
  • Maple trees
  • Pine trees
  • Redwood trees
  • Palm trees
  • Apple trees
  • Cherry trees
  • Birch trees
  • Eucalyptus trees
  • Willow trees


  • Rose bushes
  • Boxwood shrubs
  • Azalea shrubs
  • Rhododendron shrubs
  • Holly bushes
  • Juniper shrubs
  • Forsythia shrubs
  • Lilac shrubs
  • Hydrangea bushes
  • Burning bush shrubs
These are just a few examples, and there are many more species of trees and shrubs found around the world.

Table of trees and shrubs that go well together

Here are some examples of trees and shrubs that can be planted together for a visually appealing and complementary landscape

OakAzalea, Boxwood, Holly
MapleRhododendron, Lilac
PineJuniper, Forsythia
RedwoodHydrangea, Rose
BirchBurning bush, Viburnum
DogwoodAzalea, Rhododendron, Boxwood
CrabappleLilac, Viburnum, Hydrangea
SpruceJuniper, Yew, Spirea
JapaneseAndromeda, Holly, Camellia
CherryForsythia, Weigela, Barberry
MagnoliaNandina, Beautyberry, Clethra
CypressRose, Euonymus, Laurel
BirchDogwood, Cotoneaster, Potentilla
ElmLilac, Forsythia, Spirea, Weigela
GinkgoBoxwood, Euonymus, Hydrangea
BeechHolly, Rhododendron, Azalea
MapleDogwood, Camellia, Cotoneaster
RedbudBarberry, Viburnum, Hydrangea
WillowRose, Clematis, Honeysuckle
OakButterfly bush, Smokebush
RedwoodAzalea, Heather, Fuchsia
Remember that the specific combinations of trees and shrubs will depend on factors such as soil type, climate, and available sunlight. It's also important to consider the overall design and desired effect when choosing plants to pair together in a landscape. It's also important to consider the mature size of both the tree and shrub, to ensure they don't compete for resources or interfere with each other's growth.

Ideal soil types for these trees and shrubs

TreesIdeal Soil Type
OakWell-drained loamy soil with pH 6.0-7.0
MapleMoist, well-drained soil with pH 6.0-7.5
PineSandy, well-drained soil with pH 5.5-6.5
RedwoodMoist, well-drained soil with pH 6.0-7.5
BirchWell-drained soil with pH 5.0-6.5
DogwoodMoist, acidic soil with pH 5.0-6.0
CrabappleWell-drained, loamy soil with pH 6.0-7.0
SpruceMoist, well-drained soil with pH 6.0-7.5
Japanese CherryMoist, well-drained soil with pH 5.5-6.5
MagnoliaMoist, well-drained soil with pH 5.5-6.5
CypressWell-drained soil with pH 6.0-7.5
GinkgoWell-drained soil with pH 5.0-7.0
BeechMoist, well-drained soil with pH 6.0-7.5
RedbudWell-drained soil with pH 6.0-7.5
WillowMoist, well-drained soil with pH 6.0-8.0
AzaleaMoist, acidic soil with pH 4.5-6.0
BoxwoodWell-drained soil with pH 6.0-7.5
HollyMoist, well-drained soil with pH 5.0-6.5
RhododendronMoist, acidic soil with pH 4.5-6.0
LilacWell-drained soil with pH 6.0-7.5
JuniperWell-drained soil with pH 6.0-7.5
ForsythiaWell-drained soil with pH 6.0-7.5
HydrangeaMoist, well-drained soil with pH 5.0-6.0
RoseWell-drained soil with pH 6.0-7.0
ViburnumMoist, well-drained soil with pH 5.5-6.5
Burning bushWell-drained soil with pH 6.0-7.5
AndromedaMoist, acidic soil with pH 4.5-6.0
CamelliaMoist, acidic soil with pH 5.0-6.5
WeigelaWell-drained soil with pH 6.0-7.5
NandinaWell-drained soil with pH 6.0-7.0
EuonymusWell-drained soil with pH 6.0-7.5
CotoneasterWell-drained soil with pH 6.0-7.5
BarberryWell-drained soil

Common soil types, trees and shrubs that are well-suited to grow in them

Soil TypeTreesShrubs
SandyPine, Cypress, WillowJuniper, Rose, Lavender
LoamyOak, Maple, SpruceBoxwood, Lilac, Forsythia
ClayRedwood, Magnolia, CrabappleHolly, Rhododendron, Viburnum
AcidicAzalea, Rhododendron, BirchHeather, Blueberry, Ferns
AlkalineGinkgo, Beech, RedbudBarberry, Spirea, Yucca
MoistDogwood, Magnolia, WillowHydrangea, Andromeda, Camellia
DryPine, Juniper, CypressSage, Yarrow, Cactus
Note that while certain trees and shrubs may thrive in particular soil types, it's always best to research the specific requirements for the species you're interested in planting to ensure success. Additionally, factors such as light exposure and temperature can also impact the health of trees and shrubs, so it's important to consider those factors as well when selecting plants for your landscape.

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Trees and shrubs. Examples that go well together. Ideal soil types
Trees and shrubs. Examples that go well together. Ideal soil types

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