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Stories and legends about ravens and crows

Stories and legends about ravens and crows. A Raven's Playful Banter.

Stories and legends about ravens and crows

There are many stories and legends about ravens and crows, and these birds have played important roles in the mythology and folklore of many cultures throughout history.

In some Native American cultures, ravens and crows are revered as sacred birds that are associated with creation and the underworld. In these cultures, ravens are often seen as tricksters that are able to transform themselves and mediate between the worlds of the living and the dead.

In Norse mythology, the god Odin was accompanied by two ravens, Huginn and Muninn, who acted as his eyes and ears in the world. These ravens were said to fly over the earth each day and return to Odin to report on what they had seen and heard.

In many Western cultures, crows and ravens have often been associated with death and misfortune. In medieval Europe, crows were seen as harbingers of death and were often depicted in artwork as ominous symbols of impending doom.

However, in many cultures, these birds are also associated with intelligence, wisdom, and foresight. The intelligence and problem-solving abilities of crows and ravens have been admired for centuries, and these birds have been celebrated in literature, poetry, and folklore for their intelligence and cunning.

In modern times, crows and ravens continue to hold a special place in popular culture. They are often depicted in art, literature, and film as symbols of intelligence, mystery, and otherworldliness. In recent years, crows and ravens have also become popular as pets and companions, with many people recognizing their intelligence and social nature.

The symbolism and mythology surrounding crows and ravens is complex and varied, reflecting the deep and enduring relationship between humans and these remarkable birds.

Stories and legends about ravens and crows. A Raven's Playful Banter.

A Raven’s Playful Banter

A raven perched upon a tree,
And spied a man below.
He cawed and cooed and said with glee,
Good sir, pray do not go!

The man looked up and saw the bird,
And smiled a gentle smile.
He said, “Good friend, what have you heard,
That makes you chat a while?

The raven fluffed his feathers bright,
And said with merry tone,
I’ve seen you walk with steps so light,
And thought I’d have a moan.

The man laughed and said, “Well now,
You’ve caught me out, it’s true.
I love to walk and breathe the bough,
And feel the morning dew.

The raven nodded sagely then,
And said with knowing eyes,
I’ve seen you in the meadow when
The sun begins to rise.

I’ve seen you dance with joy and glee,
And twirl around in mirth.
And so I thought that you and me
Could have a bit of earth.

The man grinned wide and said with cheer,
Good friend, I’d love to play!
Let’s dance and sing and have no fear,
And make the most of day!

And so the raven and the man
Danced and twirled and played,
And laughed and joked and made a plan
To do it all again someday.

And as the sun began to set,
And shadows grew long and deep,
The raven said, “Good friend, don’t fret,
We’ll have another peep.

And so the man and raven smiled,
And said their fond goodbyes,
And promised to come back awhile,
Beneath the clear blue skies.

For in the company of birds,
And nature’s joy and might,
The man and raven found the words,
To make the world so bright.


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