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An autumn poem

An autumn poem. Autumn's gentle grace

Autumn’s gentle grace

In the heart of autumn’s gentle grace,
An Indian summer finds its place.
A tapestry of colors, warm and bright,
Paints the world in golden light.

Leaves in crimson, orange, and gold,
Stories of a season’s tale unfold.
Beneath the sun’s affectionate kiss,
Nature weaves a spell of bliss.

The days stretch out, a tranquil song,
As summer lingers, holding strong.
A serenade of warmth, we embrace,
In this tender, fleeting, timeless space.

With echoes of days gone by,
Memories beneath the endless sky.
An Indian summer’s gentle call,
Invites us to cherish and enthrall.

A symphony of contrasts in the air,
As day and night converge and share.
In twilight’s glow, we find our rest,
In the arms of nature, we are blessed.

So let us savor this precious time,
In an Indian summer’s radiant rhyme.
In beauty’s arms, we stand in awe,
As the seasons’ harmonies we draw.

The stage is yours to dream and see,
In this moment’s boundless reverie.
For an Indian summer’s fleeting grace,
Leaves a smile upon each face.

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Source OpenAI’s chatGPT Language Models, Dalle, AI trot and Fleeky
images Picsart and MIB

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